Saving time with the BISSELL CleanView with OnePass vacuum

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A few days ago, I took a very unscientific poll on my Facebook page of how often my readers vacuüm. I was surprised by how many of my readers are vacuuming multiple times per week – like me! My curiosity was peaked because I recently received a BISSELL CleanView with OnePass technology vacuüm and couldn’t believe how light it is and how well it works.

Bissell CleanView with OnePass

We live in a typical Cape Cod neighborhood and that means that we have a white shell driveway. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here and the driveways are super cute. But, who wants to spend everyday lugging a vacuüm out to suck up those itty bitty pieces shells? Not me, though I was doing it anyway. As soon as I put my new vacuüm together I plugged it in and got to work. I was curious about a few things – how well would it work and how hard is it to manuever from room to room.

One thing I noticed right away was the long cord – at 25 feet I knew that I wouldn’t need to unplug it multiple times during my daily vacuuming routine. I love products that time savers, don’t you? The only time I had to unplug it was to move it upstairs! Score one for the BISSELL CleanView! Despite having a long cord, the cord keeper on the unit makes it a bit difficult to coil and uncoil the cord around as it is stationary. I also noticed that the power switch is on the side of the vacuüm, so you have to bend over to reach it. It would be nice if the switch was up higher or accessible with your foot.

My house was vacuumed the previous day, yet I was shocked by how much dirt and dust was sucked out of the carpet. As a frequent “vacuumer”, I thought that my house was clean and free of dirt every day. The BISSELL CleanView with OnePass showed me that I had a dirty house. Ugh. I’m getting over the fact that maybe I’m not such a terrific housekeeper on my own. Thankfully, the BISSELL CleanView with OnePass makes it possible for my toddler to play on a clean carpet!

After finishing my first go around with the unit on the main floor of our house, I emptied the dirt container – super easy with just one hand! The canister wasn’t full, and probably didn’t need to be emptied, but my curiosity got the best of me! I wanted to compare how much dirt it sucked out of the upstairs wall-to-wall carpeting. The vacuüm was easy to carry upstairs to our second level. I didn’t feel that my arm was going to break off while carrying it up the stairs. Because the unit is equipped with OnePass technology, I was able to vacuüm our bedrooms quickly. And, I know that they are actually clean!

Another cool feature is the amazing TurboBrush which easily attaches to the end of the hose. The TurboBrush is great for stairs, couches, and chairs. I used it on my white couch and was so impressed with the amount of dust particles and black kitty hair that it sucked out. Funny, I hadn’t noticed a change in the color of the couch, but it is now a much brighter shade of white!

The BISSELL CleanView with OnePass technology has saved me at least an hour per week of vacuuming! Now, if only I could figure out what to do with that extra time!

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for BISSELL. I received a product sample to help facilitate my review.

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  1. That Bissell sounds like a winner! I need one with a long cord and good attachments. I wish you could figure out how to give ME that extra hour your’re saving each week since you don’t know what to do with it! LOL

    • HA! This vacuum is amazing. I love it – and it is so efficient. The long cord really helps with keeping the momentum going while I’m vacuuming.

  2. I need a new vacuum! I have 3 dogs and their hair is everywhere it would be nice to get it all up the first time instead of having to go over the same spot several times 🙂
    Savannah miller recently shared..Jesben Slow Cooker Sauce ReviewMy Profile

    • You should check this one out. It’s amazing. I was so impressed with how much dirt, hair, and dust the vacuum sucked up with such little effort on my part.

  3. I absolutely love this vacuum! It truly is amazing how much dirt it picks up! And it is so easy to use! Major time savor for me!
    Amber Edwards recently shared..Homemaking Tips; How to Get more from your Laundry Detergent! Biz Stain Fighter, not just for laundry!My Profile

    • YAY! Glad you’re having such a great experience with it, too! I really, really love mine!

  4. I definitely need a cord that length–I will be checking this out cause I do need a new vacuum!
    Michele recently shared..Jordon Essentials with Kathy MirandaMy Profile

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