An Olympic Experience: Touring the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center

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This post is part of a series of #HaveFunWithIt posts brought to you by Smucker’s Uncrustables® Sandwiches who sent me to the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York for an amazing Olympic Experience. Some photos from the Smucker’s corporation. All opinions and experiences shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

Recently, I shared the amazing opportunity I had to figure skate with Olympic legend, Kristi Yamaguchi. If you missed that post, please take a moment today to read the first part of my Olympic experience. There’s a short video where Kristi taught us to spin; maybe you can pick up a tip or two!

As the world watched the {tape delayed} opening ceremonies, I thought about all of the hard work that these Olympians have put forth to achieve their dreams. While in Lake Place with the fab folks from Smucker’s, we stopped by the Olympic Training Center for a tour. Their hard work and dedication was so inspiring, they left me speechless.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

Even though it was well after Christmas, many venues in Lake Placid still had their wreaths up. Given the amount of snow on the ground and below zero temperatures, I could see why. The entire town looked so quaint. The charm must be why so many wonderful people live in that community.

Upon entering the facility, we were greeted by an awesome guide who knew more about Olympic history than any Jeopardy contestant could dream of. He proudly showed off the amazing display of memorabilia that the facility houses.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client
Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

The countdown to Sochi 2014 was still going on during our visit. It’s hard to believe that the Sochi games are happening right now! So many dreams being achieved, so many hopes being squashed. The Olympics are truly a bittersweet event.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

They let me hold an OLYMPIC TORCH. A real one, too. No reproductions! This one was from Torino. And that sucker was heavy!!

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

We were fortunate enough that there were several Olympic hopefuls training the day that we were there. Many of these athletes are training for the ski jump {scary!} and the luge {scarier!}.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

The Olympic Training Center can house nearly 100 athletes and provides them with education tutoring, physical training, medical care, equipment, three meals per day {and snacks, such as Smucker’s Uncrustables®!}, as well as a room to lay their heads. This is provided at no cost to the athletes or their families, it is fully funded by the USOC.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

The athletes live here all year, working hard to perfect their technique and improve themselves every day. To watch them in action was amazing. Many of these athletes are training for 2016 and 2020! That seems so far away. If you’ve ever participated in a sport, you know the type of training that goes into being better than you were the day before. Imagine if you were training for an Olympic medal.

Smuckers Uncrustables is an Olympic Sponsor and reminds you to #HaveFunWithIt #client

These youngsters sacrifice so much – they move away from their families, miss out on a traditional school experience, sleepovers with friends and more – yet they keep their eye on the prize. They’re all excited and full of positive energy. While they know that it is hard work, they’ve seen those who’ve come before them be successful and they focus on achieving their dreams.

I wish the Olympic athletes in Sochi – as well as our Olympic hopefuls – the best of luck. I hope all of their dreams become their realities.

Come back in a few days when I’ll be sharing my bobsled experience and a few views from the ski jump! Weeeeeee!

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  1. I can’t fathom training for something that far away! It’s so cool that you were able to have this experience – thanks for sharing1
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  2. How interesting. I didn’t realize that so many athletes trained together in one facility – and that it was so close to us here in Mass.
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  3. This is way cool! I dont think that I could train all that time for something so far away. I would want it to come sooner. lol
    Tess recently shared..DIY Instagram Poster IdeasMy Profile

    • I thought about that as well. And thought back to myself as a 12-year old girl; I don’t think I could have moved that far from my family. They’re all so courageous. Training so hard and chasing their dreams.

  4. Those young athletes certainly give it their all and in my opinion at least-that is what really counts. I certainly hope each and every one of them recognizes their dream after all the dedication and hard work they put into it.
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  5. I would have been so excited to have such a neat opportunity as this! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself.
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  6. I can’t imagine dedicating so much of my life to something like that. I do wish them all the best!
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  7. They really do train so intensely to get where they are. You have to admire that kind of dedication. The road to the Olympics is never an easy one.
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  8. It’s so cool that you got to tour this center! That would be such a neat experience.
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  9. The tenacity and dedication are truly impressive. We always root for our home team at every game. Go Olympians!
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  10. What a cool opportunity to tour the training center! Looks like a really cool place to check out.
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  11. Wow how cool to get to go and look around such a place – and while all the athletes were there!
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  12. I am so jealous that you got to do this. Thank you of sharing with us. Did I tell you how jealous I was?
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  13. It’s so hard to imagine such dedication to something, but I guess that’s why we love watching the Olympics so much. Their hearts are poured into their sports and it shows.
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  14. Kudos to all of the athletes that put so much time and effort into pursing their dreams. I would love to visit this Olympic village especially right before a year that features the Olympics. Lucky you!
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  15. What an amazing opportunity! Congrats on being able to have that experience and share with us.

  16. How fun! I think my son could live on the trampoline! 🙂

  17. Lucky lucky lady. It looks like you were having quite the adventure. It looks very cold there
    Veronica recently shared..Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  18. Eliz Frank says:

    It’s such a wonderful opportunity to visit the training site where champions prepare… Happy Valentine’s Day!

  19. We don’t have snow here in the Philippines, so I can’t imagine going through the cold! It looks fun though.

  20. Wow! What an amazing experience! I would love to learn to skate well before I hit the 40 mark, or maybe just learn a little 🙂
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