Make Me Accountable Monday: Menu Planning

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The best laid plans can often go astray. Last week, I set up a great menu plan, and we sort of stuck to it. I guess even being organized means needing to be flexible, too! Of course, house guests tend to change plans a bit!

We’re still focusing on making smarter, healthier meal choices. This winter was a huge fail in terms of eating healthy. Granted, all the food we eat is good for us (we shop local and buy organic when it makes sense); but whipping up too many comfort food dishes kills your waistline! Remember those delicious chocolate chip cookies I made?

Emily from shares the #bestchocolatechipcookie recipe

I love grilling and eating lighter fare in the summer; and we’re really working to do that even more. That, coupled with my half-marathon training should have me slimming down in no time!

Here’s what’s on our menu this week:

Monday: Grilled clams, shrimp, and fish; with corn on the cob and tomato-basil-mozzarella salad. Our neighbor brought us over a few dozen clams that she dug herself. They were so fresh. Such a blessing to live in an area where you can grab such fresh seafood (or have your neighbor grab it for you).

Tuesday: Thin Crust Pizzas. I know, comfort food. But, these are lighter and airier than a typical crust; and we haven’t had pizza for a long time!

Wednesday: Turkey Taco Bar! We’re having a friend and his tween daughter join us for dinner. Tacos are a huge hit and should be fun for our small group.

Thursday: Rugby night. Typically I choose easy meals for rugby nights because The Texan gets home a bit late. But, I’m craving Chicken Scampi and just might make it, too!

Friday: Grilled Chicken and Steak; with corn on the cob and tomato-basil-mozzarella salad. Corn on the cob is one of my favorite summer foods. I love how sweet it is.

Saturday: Dinner at the beach

Sunday: Sandwiches after a long day at the beach!

So, what’s cooking at your house this week?

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Emily is a rugby wife and modern mom to one active Kindergarten son. A former restaurant industry professional, she transferred the brand marketing and relationship building skills she learned working for a Fortune500 Company into building a successful social media business. Launched in 2010, her blog focuses on parenting tips, recipes and easy crafts. When not online, you can find her running, taking photographs, or sipping a Margarita while enjoying the beauty that Cape Cod has to offer.


  1. Ohh Suxh a great menu plan. Love how you plan your menu. Great idea.


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