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Improving Your Blog

I started this series with the hopes that you would learn several techniques to improving your blog.

Please keep in mind that everything I share with you in this series, are merely my suggestions and I cannot guarantee any results!   Over the course of the next few months,  I will share many things that I did – and continue to do – to improve my blog.  This series will be posted on weekly on Fridays through the end of November, at which point we’ll reevaluate the needs and desires to continue learning and growing.

Session 1 –  Series kick off! With a few easy tips

Session 2 –  What’s Your Platform?

Session 3 – Networking

Session 4 – How often to post

Session 5 – Five Techniques to Increase Traffic

Session 6 – More Ways to Increase Traffic and even more tips on getting more traffic to your blog.

Session 7 – 4 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Session 8 – Blog Smarter, Not Harder

Session 9 – Quick Tips for Starting a Blog Post

Bonus Session – Building Your Instagram Presence

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