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i’m taking a field trip to Ikea!

Tomorrow, I am taking a field trip off-island to Ikea with one of my girlfriends!   I’m super excited not only to spend some time with my friend, but let’s face it – Ikea is like a toy store for grown ups!

My house is small, and feels even smaller because it was built in the 1950’s and the layout is poor.   With a huge remodel – which would include an additional story, it would be a great house for our family long term.  We’re planning to stay for one more year and then move into something larger.   Ikea is the perfect place for people with small homes to find wonderful goodies to aid in organizing.

I’ve been on an organizing kick lately.  A few smaller projects have been tackled – like our freezer and my sock drawer.  One area that needs attention is our DVD collection.  Since upgrading to a Blu-Ray player, we’ve been purchasing or renting movies directly from that service, but we do have a few DVDs that I would like to organize.  Look what I found on their website – how perfect!  Though the green goes with nothing in our living room, I love it.  These are available in white, which will look great in our living room.

Currently we have an EXPEDIT Shelving unit in our living room to house The Boy’s toys.  He’s great about picking up his toys and putting them away.  I purchased a few bins from Target when we first got the unit, but of course didn’t buy enough.  By the time I made another trip there, they no longer offered them.  Story of my life.   Our shelving unit is similar to this one, I didn’t see the one the we have.  My best guest is that was discontinued, too!

Now that I’ll need to change up all of the storage containers that we’ll use for the toys, I’m going to make sure that I purchase enough my first trip!   I do like how these look:

Exciting!  I see that the basket is also available in a smaller size, and would be perfect as a catch-all in my kitchen.  Yep, I need one of those because The Texan isn’t nearly as organized as I am, and it drives me nuts to have clutter everywhere!

Another item on my wish list is a rug for our bedroom.  Our house had wood floors, and they’re quite chilly in the winter months.  Having a rug will add warmth to my feet, and add another dimension to the decorating, too.

The grey is a bit more reserved, but I love this green.   I cannot get away from it.  Seriously.

This rug looks like it would be a great place to bury my toes while I’m choosing my socks.  It is available in other colors, so maybe I’ll go for it.  Sadly, this green would conflict with the green in our bedroom.

I am sure that I’ll find plenty of other things that I need while I’m shopping.  I love their toy section, and now is a great time to prepare for the Easter bunny.

What are some of your favorite Ikea purchases?  Is there something I don’t have on my list that I should?

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Combining her knack for storytelling and passion for creativity with a strong work ethic, Emily started Nap Time is My Time in November 2010. A self-taught photographer and home cook, she also loves DIY projects and crafts, drinking Margaritas and running half marathons. Married to her Texas-born husband since 2005, they live with their young son and dog on Cape Cod.


  1. ohkeeka [The Type A Housewife] says:

    I’m going to Ikea next week! There’s not one around here and we’re going to Illinois to visit family, so I’m dragging my husband to Ikea while we’re there. 🙂 I have that big basket and I love both of those rugs. I hope you come back with a big haul!
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