About Me

Hello! Welcome to Nap Time is My Time. My name is Emily and I am so happy you’re here! Grab yourself a cup of coffee or a margarita and stay a while.

I am an authentic Cape Codder. The beauty of the Nantucket Sound at my front door. The smell of salty air blowing through my home. A busy summer season full of whale watching, play dates, beach days and adult beverages. And a long winter season of quiet, cold, snowy days where the only person I may see is the mail man. IF I venture out to the post office.

The Texan and I met in Florida, where I was happily working for the largest casual dining company in the world. Pretty cool, eh? Part of my job responsibilities included writing copy for webpages and guest correspondence, I filmed videos to teach the appropriate techniques to open a wine bottle, and taught some of the best restaurant managers in the industry how to more appropriately interact with our guests.

In late 2007, The Texan and I moved just outside of Boston to pursue a career opportunity for him. After quitting the only job that I’d ever had, and dabbling in with a few others, I knew that I need more than just a job. I wanted to be a mom. And not just any mom, I wanted to be the mom that bakes goodies, whips up crafty things, and is there to greet the kiddos as they step off the bus.

We found out we were pregnant in the fall of 2008, moved to Cape Cod in June of 2009, welcomed The
Boy in July of 2009 and in October of 2010 after a surprising layoff, I became a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

The Boy

Through this blog, I share my thoughts and reflections on what I have learned about being a woman, a wife, and a mother with loyal readers like you! You’ll also find blogging tips product reviews, occasional giveaways, healthy and no-so-healthy recipes and great craft ideas, too!

I enjoy hearing from my readers, and hope that if you have something to say, you’ll take the time to say it. We can all improve through feedback from our peers!

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