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Pet Peeves – or three things that irritate me!

I understand that everyone has their quirks. But, some people do dumb things. Well, in my eyes they are doing dumb things! It goes back to the saying “Common sense isn’t very common.” My pet peeves are normal things to be irritated about. These pet peeves are things that others do that are deliberately annoying. If you’re doing any of these things, please stop yourself. Save the world from becoming too crazy!

Drivers who arrive at a toll booth without having their toll money ready. It’s posted on multiple signs leading up to the booth, let’s get it together people!

Calling a Panini a “Panini Sandwich”. The word panini means sandwich! When you say you’re having a Turkey Panini Sandwich, you’re telling me you’re eating a Turkey Sandwich Sandwich. How ridiculous does that sound?!

Restaurant diners making the “slurping” sound with their straws. It’s annoying. And, there’s a good chance that refill will take a little bit longer.

Now that you know the three things that irritate me in this world, won’t you share your pet peeves?!

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About Emily

Emily is a rugby wife and modern mom to one active son. A former Fortune500 professional, she transferred the brand marketing and relationship building skills she learned into building a successful social media business.

Launched in 2010, her blog focuses on parenting tips, recipes, and easy crafts. When not online, you can find her training for her next half marathon, taking photographs, or sipping a Margarita while enjoying the beauty that Cape Cod has to offer.


  1. Where do I begin?
    I guess grammar is my biggest pet peeve especially when the person is corrected or told the correct word/term etc. Why would someone knowing the word they are using is wrong – continue to use it incorrectly?

    Good topic!
    Bonnie recently shared..My Maisie – On My MindMy Profile

  2. Man, I had my hopes up that we could meet up for a panini sandwich some time 🙁 LOL!

  3. Tammy S says:

    This is easy for me.

    1. People that don’t Stop at Stop signs. They are there for a reason. And yes that does mean you!
    2. People that don’t say Please and Thank You. Where have manners gone?
    3. Parents that aren’t parents. Your child already has friends. You don’t need to be the “Cool” mom or dad. Be a parent! They will appreciate it when they are older.

    Those are mine. 🙂

    • The use of manners has gone out the window – my guess is because too many parents are busy being friends!

  4. I love reading about other people’s pet peeves. My husband hates it when I crunch ice, but I have a serious addiction to crunching ice!
    janet recently shared..That Crazy Man I Love {and feminine products}My Profile

    • Janet – Your husband is right to hate it, crushing ice is very bad for your teeth!

  5. I can’t stand drivers who don’t use blinkers. When I rear end you don’t blame it on me!
    Brandy Myers recently shared..Brown Sugar Glazed Pork TenderloinMy Profile

  6. Ha – panini sandwich! Mine is the fact that spell check isn’t ALWAYS right. It’s telling me that panini is not a word. 😉
    Lindsey G recently shared..Glass Straws are Eco Friendly, but Can They Be Travel Friendly Too?My Profile

  7. Grammar is probably the BIG one for me. Especially when someone says they have something for *sell* instead of for sale!
    Ellen Christian recently shared..Keep The Kids Busy – Wreck-It RalphMy Profile

    • Grammar gets to me, too! I used to work with a woman who would often say “Can I axe you something?” That made my skin crawl. No matter how many times I mentioned that she could “ask me anything” she continued to “axe” me questions!

  8. I have a list of pet peeves,and surprisingly can’t think of them!
    Know-it-alls annoy me immensely. I don’t believe in correcting people over every little thing. I can say “Oh really? I make it this way.” not “That’s not how it’s supposed to be done.”
    laura recently shared..Saturday Weigh In (Week 10)My Profile

  9. A Turkey sandwich sandwich. LOL I never thought of it that way but now its going to make me laugh every time I hear it! And I HATE when people don’t have their money ready. I always have mine ready miles before we need it.
    Ashley T recently shared..Switched at Birth: Spring Finale 2013My Profile

    • Isn’t it fun to read other people’s pet peeves?! The panini sandwich annoys me to no end! I cringe when I see it printed on restaurant menus.


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