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Why I Won’t Dine Out on Valentine’s Day

I am not a huge fan of going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Did you know that I worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years? Yep. And because of that, I won’t dine out on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and every other holiday.

Why I Won’t Dine Out on Valentine’s Day

From my perspective and experiences, dining out on Valentine’s Day is for amateurs {and those with a higher amount of patience than I was blessed with!}. Typically, the servers are mad that they’re working another holiday, the cooks are mad too, the managers are frazzled because Sally Server was a no-show. Again.

You’ll find that the atmosphere of most restaurants on a holiday is crazed. And the volume of people who will sit and wait for hours to eat something they could probably prepare at home continues to baffle me. When I am spending money on a dining experience, I want it to be one that I can enjoy without long waits and haphazardly prepared food. If you avoid dining on a holiday, you’re more likely to enjoy your entire experience, not just bits and pieces.

My advice for you, from a former restaurant employee, is to avoid dining on Valentine’s Day – and any other holiday that Hallmark makes a card for! You’ll enjoy the experience more by dining the day before or the day after.

About Emily

Combining her knack for storytelling and passion for creativity with a strong work ethic, Emily started Nap Time is My Time in November 2010. A self-taught photographer and home cook, she also loves DIY projects and crafts, drinking Margaritas and running half marathons. Married to her Texas-born husband since 2005, they live with their young son and dog on Cape Cod.


  1. Viv Sluys says:

    I so agree with you!!!!!

  2. Amy Orvin says:

    RSS-Google Reader as Amy Orvin , 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

  3. If we do go out we try to go to a not too popular or smaller restaurant. Last year we went to a puerto rican place that was not too crowded, the servers were friendly and the food was delish.

    • That’s a smart idea. Unfortunately, in our area at this time of year there isn’t much to choose from. All of the restaurants that do open are busy.

  4. paige morin says:

    Olive garden chicken fet alfredo w.breadsticks my fave yummmy mouth is watering


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